It has been a long journey till today and it all started with my love for sharks, growing up being fond of sharks and being a fan of Jaws and anything related to sharks, I decided to show my love for sharks and started an Instagram page in 2013 called @Discoversharks

I was surprised with the response I got with the page because I never knew they would be so many more people out there who loved sharks as equally as I did, before I knew it the page rose to 100,000 followers within 6 months and there was no looking back. In December 2015 the page finally hit one million followers and with 100s of celebrities following the page my passion to showcase sharks grew even further, I wanted to show my passion and love for sharks, so I planned on bringing out a clothing brand a first of its kind.

This brand represents not just my love and passion for sharks but the support of 1 million people behind me who made me get to this stage to make me want to start discoversharks clothing brand.