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                                                       About Us

 For the past twenty years, we have witnessed the shocking destruction of the ocean’s balance and the silent extinction of the ocean’s top predators. The sharks are nowhere to be found. Over 100 million sharks are killed every year. Seventeen fascinating shark species are on the brink of extinction in only 20 years. Many individuals are unaware of the vitality of sharks to the ocean balance. Sharks are critical to the health of the ocean. They control the intricate balance in the oceans and indirectly sustain the coral reefs and habitats. It is because of the decline in the shark community that our reefs are covered in algae and decays. With the extinction of these sharks, other fish populations and amazing ocean landscapes will decline, and the ecosystem tip towards a devastating and catastrophic deterioration.


Founded in 2013 and based in the US, Discover Sharks is the biggest community of shark lovers working hard as possible to make the greatest impact in preserving the lives of oceans’ biggest predators. We are an independent organization staffed by a talented, committed, and cohesive team united by a positive passion and a joint mission. We have helped increase the awareness of the dwindling shark community across the globe.

We are excited to invite you to our world. You can buy our products or come along and enjoy a fascinating adventure to uncover the true image of sharks. We donate make 20%-30% donations from profits from our tours and sales to save the sharks. We can only do so much through your unique contributions. Come along on tours, buy our products, and add your voice to our ever-growing community of shark loving subscribers. Currently, we are the biggest online shark community on Instagram, with over 1.9 million and are growing stronger with each passing day! Join us, let us work together and make a difference.


                                                     Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about the threats of sharks’ extinction to protect the lives of sharks around the world. We educate, defend, conserve, and protect the lives of sharks. We collaborate with diverse organizations who share our passion for reinforcing our mission. Our purpose is to spread informative news about the challenges and issues concerning sharks. We are risk-takers and passionate individuals who share a strong commitment to protecting our shark communities. We don’t only add our voice to the global shark fight; we take actions.